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Gorgeous House Plants You'll Find At Joanna Gaines' Home
Staghorn Fern
Also known as an elkhorn, these tropical plants like partial sun and lots of humidity. The bathroom or laundry room will make a fine dwelling for this fern.
Dragon Tail Plant
Dragon tails prefer humidity but are adaptable to bright yet indirect sunlight. Joanna Gaines keeps hers on a wooden bench behind the sofa.
Monstera Lechleriana
Joanna places this plant near her dragon tail as it also prefers humidity and indirect sunlight. Just be wary of kids and pets as it is poisonous if ingested.
Red Congo
The gorgeous red congo adds pops of color, can purify the air, and is low maintenance. Its baby leaves are a dark red that slowly turns green as they mature.
Rubber Plant
This plant is actually a tree that grows up to 50 feet tall outdoors. Growing in a flower pot and trimming as needed will prevent this from happening.