Several ornamental grasses
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Gorgeous Plants That Are Perfect For A Sloped Yard
A sloped yard can present challenges, but using plants with anchoring root systems that spread out under the earth can ensure that plants don’t fall victim to gravity or erosion.
Ornamental grasses fit nicely into any landscape design, as they can range in height from 3 inches to over 2 or 3 feet tall, creating visual interest against your other plantings.
Varieties such as red fescue and switchgrass work best on steeper slopes, while different types of zoysia, with their deeper roots, are more suitable for gradual ones.
For drought-prone regions, consider one of several love grasses, whereas cloud grass and tufted grass both work better in areas with excessive rainfall.
Use evergreens and shade trees at the top of the slope, interspersed with various bushes and perennials as underplantings, to create a tree-lined grove that’s lovely year-round.
Douglas firs and white oaks do exceptionally well on sloped grounds. Depending on the local climate, Monterey pines and sugar maples may also work.
Shrubs and decorative perennials will bring color and intrigue beneath your trees and can travel down the slope, with the shortest mature plants placed at the bottom of the hill.
The Arnold dwarf, winter jasmine, and the Texas Scarlet flowering quince have a wide spread and establish easily. For perennials, try catmint, liriope, and groundcover roses.