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Grab A Magic Eraser Next Time You Clean Your Dirty Baseboards
Cleaning baseboards is probably one of the most tedious household chores. However, with a Magic Eraser, you can finish the laborious task more efficiently and effortlessly.
Magic Erasers do a great job of removing stubborn grime that a regular washcloth cannot tackle, and you do not have to use any harsh chemicals to make them work.
Simply wet a Magic Eraser with hot water, wring it out, and clean your baseboards. Be sure to only use a Magic Eraser on painted wood or non-wood baseboards, though.
Mr. Clean scientist Morgan Brashear explains how the product works: "At a microscopic level, the web of material surrounding the air pockets look like tiny upside-down triangles."
When you clean the baseboards, Bashear says, "The struts, or the bottom points of the triangles, catch on the soil [...] and drag across the surface, like a windshield wiper."