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Grab Popsicle Sticks To DIY A Showstopping Feature Wall On A Budget
To create your customized accent wall, you'll need about 40 popsicle sticks. Use regular craft sticks or buy the 200 Comfy Package Wooden Popsicle Sticks for $5.99 on Amazon.
You'll also need a hot glue gun or another form of strong glue to join the popsicle sticks together, plus wall adhesives, nails, or screws to hang the entire piece on your wall.
Start with a simple design by placing four sticks together to make a square. Repeat this to make as many squares as you want, arranging them next to each other or overlapping.
When your design is complete, take a photo for reference in case it comes apart. Add glue where the popsicle sticks meet, and hold them together while the glue dries.
Once your design is dry, hang it on the wall. It’s best to use adhesive first to prevent splitting the sticks; nails or screws should go around instead of through the sticks.
Customize your accent wall with different designs. Otherwise, stain or paint the popsicle sticks before putting your design together, or purchase ones that are already decorated.