Cucumbers growing in a garden
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Grow Cucumbers Vertically
With TikTok's Brilliant Cotton Strip Trick
TikTok user @thecommonground has introduced an innovative
and cost-effective method
for growing cucumbers
vertically using 100% cotton
strips sourced from old
clothing or sheets.
To use this method, cut roughly 8 ¼ feet long and
½ inch thick strips of the cotton. Attach these strips
to REO concrete mesh,
an overhead structure resembling a metal wire grid.
When your cucumber needs support, tie one end of the strip to the plant's base and wrap it around
the main stem. Tie the other end to the concrete mesh above, ensuring it's taut.
As the cucumber grows upward, it can be wound around the cotton strip for sustained vertical support. This approach offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional methods.