Hands planting pink dahlias
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Grow Gorgeous Dahlias By Avoiding These 5 Common Mistakes
Not Watering Enough
Dahlias need a medium amount of water. Luckily, they can survive drought for a period of time, but eventually, their color and overall health will decline.
If the top soil is dry and you didn’t feel any moisture after inserting your index finger into the soil, water your flowers in the early morning and in the evening as the sun sets.
Lack Of Sunlight
Dahlias need six to eight hours of sun per day, so plant them in direct sunlight. They can be planted in partial shade only if it is usually over 100 degrees F.
To relocate your dahlias from a shaded spot to sunlight, use a gardening shovel and go carefully until you confirm that you can safely remove the flower and all of its roots.
Wrong Season
Native to Central and South America, dahlias like warm weather. Planting them in the cold is useless as the flowers won't bloom until the soil is at least 60 degrees F.
The best time to plant dahlias is in the spring after the last frost. It's best to start them indoors, then plant them outside once the temperature is right and the frost is gone.