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Grow Some Lemon Seeds To Fill Your Backyard With Free Citrus Fruit
While it could take 10-15 years to grow a lemon tree from seed, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you created something all on your own. Start by preparing your seeds.
Extract the seeds by cutting a lemon in half or quarters, ensuring not to knick any of them. Place the seeds in a bowl of water, and gently rinse them to remove any remaining pulp.
Throw out any seeds that float in the water, as they're no longer viable. Soak them overnight, then clip the pointy ends with a knife and peel off the outer shells the next day.
Plant them 1 inch deep in quality potting soil in a container with good drainage, as you want the seeds to retain moisture but not sit in a pool of water that can harbor bacteria.
Cover your planted seeds in a transparent plastic bag and tie it tightly. Once your seedlings begin to grow, remove the cover and place them in a brightly lit area.
Once the tree is big enough to produce leaves, move it outside in USDA zones 9 through 11. If you're in a cooler climate, you can continue growing it indoors in a bigger container.