Cherry tomatoes of different ripeness on a vine
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Grow The Best Tomatoes With This Expert Planting Hack
Planting tomatoes very deeply is the secret to getting a super strong tomato plant. Young tomatoes need to develop robust root systems to stay vibrant and healthy.
Tomatoes have what are called adventitious roots, meaning they can grow roots from other parts of the plant, most commonly from stem tissue or in places where a wound existed.
This is why expert gardeners swear by sideways planting after nearly stripping the seedlings bare. Each stripped pair of leaves creates a "wound" where more roots can grow.
If you plant your tomatoes in a container, place the seedlings in a large dug-out area with the root balls all pointed toward the center, and the tops pointed toward the outside.
Strip off the leaves of the plants, leaving only the top few sets. Bury each tomato plant up to the first pair of leaves using your best planting techniques.
Your pot or container should be big to allow the tomato plant to stretch out, but if it doesn't seem large enough, you could still dig a deep vertical hole and drop in the stem.