A pink rose in a garden.
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Grow This Gorgeous Plant Next To Your Roses For Maximum Color
During an episode of “The Martha Stewart Podcast,” Stewart’s gardener, Ryan McCallister admitted to pairing roses with azaleas to maximize drama and year-round color.
Since the two flowers require different soil types and sun exposure, they are not typically planted together. However, it’s not impossible to make the pairing work.
You’ll want to consider the color and full height of the plants to help you select the varieties that complement each other and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your garden.
Roses and azaleas come in mostly warm-toned colors, such as reds, oranges, and occasionally white. Decide if you want the flowers to match with one another or contrast.
Next, decide if you want one flower to be the main focus or if they should be showcased equally. Use varieties that grow to about the same height for an equal look.
Since roses thrive in neutral soil while azaleas flourish in acidic soil, you may need to stagger the flowers in separate sections so that you can manipulate the soil for each.
Azaleas only require about three hours of direct sunlight daily, while roses need six. And so, it’s important to plant your azaleas in the shadowy areas in your flower bed or garden.