Bathroom space with floating shelves
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Grow Your Bathroom Storage With This Dollar Tree Cutting Board DIY
Open shelves can maximize bathroom storage and add space for items like hand towels. However, rather than spend a lot on a shelf-towel rack, DIY one with a few Dollar Tree items.
Hang the DIY solution above your toilet, beside the mirror, or on any vacant wall. To make it, you’ll need two cutting boards and two metal hanging plant brackets from Dollar Tree.
As demonstrated by @dollartree.hacks, lay two cutting boards next to each other. Then, place two pieces of small craft wood planks across the cutting boards so they're connected.
If the wood hangs too far off the cutting boards, cut it so there's an inch between the wood and the board's edge. Glue the craft wood pieces to the cutting boards with E6000 glue.
Add some hot glue for extra strength if required. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours, then glue the plant brackets perpendicular to the craft wood, and let the glue dry again.
Insert a dowel between the hooks, and cut off any extra wood projecting from the sides of the cutting boards. You can also glue the dowel to the hooks to better secure it.
Finally, hang the shelf on the wall, using a level to keep it even and screws to secure it. Decorate your shelf with a plant, candle, or other bathroom décor.