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Growing Tasty Herbs In A Small Space Is Easy With This T-Shirt Hack
Don't let a small kitchen stop you from having your own herb garden. It's as simple as having good soil, water, and sunlight and using containers made from old T-shirts.
To create a vertical herb garden using old T-shirts, make a base by putting one shirt inside another and tacking them onto a stiff backing fabric, such as shade cloth or tarp.
Cut some other old T-shirts into pocket-sized squares, stitch them onto the front of your base so you have rows of pockets, then fill each pocket with good-quality potting soil.
Next, add seeds, cuttings, or potted herbs, then hang your mini herb garden on a wall or in a window in your kitchen, on a pantry or entryway door, or inside a cupboard.
Make sure to expose your vertical herb garden to the ambient light in your kitchen and sunlight throughout the day, and then let your plants rest in the dark at night.
Water your herb garden from the top down outside or over a sink every one or two weeks. Hang it until it stops dripping, squeeze out excess moisture, then put it back in place.