tree with ground cover planted around roots
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Growing These 4 Plants Around Tree Roots Is A Big Mistake
These shrubs have lush leaves and deep blue or bright pink blooms depending on the soil's pH level. They thrive in well-draining soil and partial shade or full sunlight.
However, they absorb a lot of nutrients and water, and this competition weakens both the tree and the hydrangea, slowing or stunting the tree's growth and ability to bloom.
Fast-growing Japanese honeysuckle produces delicate, sweet-smelling, yellow or white flowers. They like moist soil with good drainage, and need minimal maintenance.
This invasive vine outcompetes trees for nutrients and water, forming a net around the tree's base that restricts water absorption and impedes growth or even kills younger trees.
In Spring, Azaleas produce colorful flowers, from soft pastels to bold red or vivid pink. They grow well in shade, so people mistakenly plant them under trees.
Their shallow roots compete with trees for moisture and nutrients. You can grow them near trees, but choose a tree that won't take too many nutrients from them, like a pine tree.
Tall Fescue
This hardy, dense, perennial grass can handle high traffic. It's drought-resistant, adapts to a range of sandy or clay-based soils, and can survive in partial shade.
Avoid planting it near your trees' roots because it releases phenolic chemicals into the soil, which stunt the trees' root growth and undermine their overall health.