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Hack Your Desktop Storage With This Simple IKEA Bekvam Idea
Folders, files, pens, and everything else that’s essential in an office can quickly clutter up your desk. To keep things neat and tidy, consider using an IKEA Bekvam spice rack.
Priced at $6.99, this handy yet stylish piece helps you elevate your work-from-home space while adding extra storage, making it an easy and affordable way to transform your desk.
To get started, put together the Bekvam spice rack and arrange it so that the open side faces you. You should be left with a storage shelf that doesn't impede your computer screen.
You may also be able to slide your keyboard underneath the rack to save even more space. However, this may not work if you have a large keyboard or monitor.
To better match your desktop setup, you can spray paint the Bekvam for an easy DIY method. Just be sure to protect precious items on your desk from any splashes.