Stack of three paper towel rolls
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Hack Your Paper Towel Roll With These Unexpected Home Ideas
Pour Paint
Tuck a few folded paper towel sheets into the rim of your paint can before pouring it onto a tray to prevent the paint from rolling down the sides or gunking up the lid.
Dry Shoes
After cleaning your white shoes, you can speed up the drying process by wrapping them in paper towels, stuffing a few inside, and leaving them out in the sun to dry.
Cook Bacon
Making bacon in the microwave can get greasy. To prevent this, set two paper towels on your plate, put the bacon on top, and cover it with another sheet before cooking.
Clean Electric Grill
Allow the grill to cool until it is slightly warm, then place a paper towel on its interior, and pour water over the sheet. Close the lid and wait 10 minutes.
Open the grill and clean the grease and remaining food particles with the towel. Wipe it down with hot water and dish soap before giving it a final rinse with a damp paper towel.
Start Coals
Cover two paper towels in olive oil, lay them over the base of your charcoal grill, set the coals in the middle, then ignite the paper towels to heat your charcoals.