A can of WD-40 against a white background.
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Hack Your Spray Paint By Using This Clever WD-40 Trick
The nozzle of spray paint cans is often difficult to work with, but with this WD-40 hack, you'll have an easier time painting more evenly and getting your project to look perfect.
Posted by TikToker @partyideas4you, the hack is to switch the nozzle of a spray paint can with one from a WD-40 can. The longer spout of the WD-40 lid provides more accuracy.
Remove the spraying mechanisms from the spray paint and WD-40 cans by removing the nozzles, then place the top of the WD-40 can on top of the spray paint can.
Finally, move the long, thin nozzle of the WD-40 top perpendicular to the can of spray paint to ensure it's unlocked, and press the top to spray your paint.
The longer nozzle will not only let you be more precise and provide even coverage, but it should also be easier to press down, so your finger won't cramp.
While online retailers and home improvement stores also sell attachments for spray paint cans with a similar function, this hack can save you a few bucks and a trip to the store.