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Handy Ways To Use Old Tissue Boxes Around The House
Holding Yarn
Pop in a yarn ball inside a tissue box and either pull your working strand through the top or create a hole on the side.
Drawer Organizer
To use a tissue box as a drawer organizer, cut its top to fit the drawer. Cut it in two to create an organizer, adjustable by width or length.
Toilet Paper Holder
Cut off the top of a tissue box to make an easy toilet paper holder. Glue several smaller, square boxes together if you need a larger holder to store several rolls.
Hold Plastic Bags
Secure an empty tissue box inside a cabinet door using double-sided tape or Command strips. Fill it with plastic bags and pull them out of the top like a tissue.
Trash Can
Instead of getting up to toss a piece of tissue after each use, use an empty tissue box as a mini trash can. Keep it on the craft table for disposing of small waste.