Brown curtains hanging on a rod on a white background
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Hang Your Curtains Like A Pro With Emily Henderson’s Clever Design Tip
HGTV host and designer Emily Henderson recommends hanging your curtain rod higher and wider than your window frame for a perfect look every time.
Henderson’s trick will make your windows seem big, bright, and open while making your room appear larger.
The height of the rod will affect the length of the panels required, but you’ll need a rod wide enough to extend 6 to 10 inches past the outside corner of your window on each side.
Henderson says providing this additional rod space on either side of your window allows you to push your curtain panels all the way open without them covering part of your window.
Mount the rod one-half to two-thirds of the way between the top of the frame and the ceiling so your windows and room will seem bigger while allowing maximum natural light.
From there, get panels that don't stretch too taut when fully extended and reach all the way down to the floor, keeping in mind that too long is better than too short.
For smaller rooms that don't allow much clearance around your windows, place your curtain rod as wide as you can on the shortest side and then equal that distance on the other.