A hawk perched on a fence in a garden
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Hawks In Your Yard Could Attract Hummingbirds And Here's Why
Hawks in your yard could draw hummingbirds because hummers strategically build their nests near that of raptors’ to protect themselves from predators like jays and squirrels.
Studies conducted in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona found that hummingbird nests located beneath or near hawk nests have a higher chance of
reproductive success.
This is mainly because jays, common predators of hummingbird eggs and chicks, steer clear of areas within about 170 meters of hawk nests to avoid becoming prey themselves.
Consequently, a protective "jay-free cone" forms around hawk nests. Within this zone, hummingbird nests have a daily survival rate of 31%, compared to just 6% for those outside it.
Additionally, hummingbirds benefit from the fact that hawks do not generally target them as prey due to their small size, which does not provide
sufficient nourishment.