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Help Poppies Thrive By Avoiding These Common Garden Mistakes
Improper Planting
To plant poppies from seeds, simply place them on the ground without covering them with additional soil to make sure they can get the light they need to germinate.
Then, cover the seeds with a material that will keep the soil moist and hydrating without blocking the sunlight. Once the plants reach an inch tall, you can remove the cover.
Encouraging Disease
While poppies are susceptible to downy mildew and gray mold, both are prevented by properly spacing the flowers when planting and avoiding watering at night.
If you spot signs of either disease, remove the afflicted plant before it has a chance to spread. You can also discourage root rot by using drip irrigation to water your plants.
Watering Poorly
A poppies’ leaves will wilt, turn brown or yellow, and droop if you give it too little water, but watering too much kills the roots and causes discolored foliage.
Instead, frequently give the plants light water, and plant them in a space that offers good drainage. Monitor the weather and ensure enough water is given during dry conditions.