Homegrown tomatoes ripening on a vine in warm summer sunshine
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Help Your Tomato Plants Thrive With One Double-Pot Garden Hack
When growing tomatoes, you often have to transfer your plants from pot to pot as they get bigger. However, there is an easier, cheaper way to give them more room.
TikTok user @plantedinthegarden has revealed an inexpensive and hassle-free "double-pot" solution that can help to solve your planting problems once and for all.
First, get a pot that is the same size as the one your tomato plant is in at hand and ready to go. Then, @plantedinthegarden says to "fill the bottom [pot] with your mixed soil."
"Take the top [pot], cut the bottom, and lay it on top. Measure and cut four sticks and place it on the bottom pot to secure the top one. Use twine to tie it all together."
While most planting pots will work, ensure that your pot is stable and breathable when using this hack. You can also try this hack with plenty of other crops in your garden.