Tomatoes in various stages of ripening, hanging from the vine
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Help Your Tomato Plants Thrive With This Unexpected Banana Hack
Bananas can contribute significantly to the healthy growth and development of tomato plants due to their high nutrient content, specifically potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.
You can create nutrient-rich compost from banana peels or use them to prepare a banana water solution for irrigation, serving as an eco-friendly, cost-effective fertilizing method.
To create compost, cut peels into small pieces and let them break down in a compost bin or a garden area. Once the peels break down, add the compost to your tomato plant's soil.
Alternatively, you can add peels directly to the soil, avoiding direct contact with the stems. Over time, these peels decompose, releasing their nutrients slowly
into the soil.
To prepare a banana water solution, chop or blend the peels, then add them to water. Let it steep for a few weeks, strain out the peels, and use the liquid
to water tomato plants.