Woman putting organizers on closet shelves
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Helpful Dollar Tree DIYs That'll Revolutionize Your Small Closet
Fabric Bags
Join Dollar Tree mesh laundry bags to each other using metal book rings, attach the top bag to your closet with plastic shower rings, and store small items in the bags.
Hanging Organizer
Slide organizer containers into each of the three cubbies in a Dollar Tree three-shelf hanging closet organizer, and store miscellaneous closet items in them.
Wire Racks
Purchase some 10-inch Dollar Tree wire rack shelves, and set them up on a closet shelf to store clothes, purses, or shoes — doubling your storage by using vertical space.
Hook Hanger
Place Dollar Tree's "Over the Door" hook hanger over one of your closet rods, and hang several pairs of pants or shorts by their belt loops over the six curved pieces.
Storage Cubes
Stack three or more square plastic bins on top of each other vertically with the open top facing toward you, then slide collapsible fabric storage boxes into each bin.