Gold-edged hosta in a vase
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Here Are The Best Plants To Grow With Your Hosta
Coral Bells
Coral bells make excellent companions for hostas, as they enjoy the same type of environment, maintenance needs, and limited
sun exposure.
They're also an excellent option for anyone wanting to create texture and an exciting color scheme since they are available in shades of purple and red.
Hydrangeas and hostas create a mesmerizing blend of vibrant colors and lush greenery, transforming any garden into a magical space to unwind and
savor the outdoors.
They work so well together because they're both suitable for most regions in the U.S., and they both prefer acidic soil.
Tulips and hostas complement each other with their life cycles, with tulips shading hostas in spring, and hosta leaves covering tulip foliage during dormancy.
For inexperienced gardeners, tulips and hostas make an excellent combo because they both require minimal maintenance.
Ferns are an excellent option for those who want to complement their hostas with some texture. Both plants thrive in shady and moist areas.
Japanese Iris
Japanese irises bloom in late spring or early summer and produce breathtaking purple flowers. Like hostas, they flourish in both shady and sunny areas and the same type of soil.
Planting them together allows their striking foliage to intermingle, creating
a visually stunning
garden display.