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Here's How Much It Will Cost To Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets
Refacing your cabinets entails swapping out the old doors and drawers for new ones and updating the exterior of the old cabinets.
Cabinet refacing won’t usually cost more than half the price of an all-out replacement job, and it can take less time than pulling out existing furniture.
The total of a refacing can run between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the size, but this is still significantly less than a replacement, which could cost $35,000 or more.
However, when it comes to refacing, your existing cabinet boxes must be in really good shape, as they need to withstand the work and continue to serve as storage for your items.
You also won't be able to change the layout or size of the cabinets, so your aesthetic will remain the same.
You can, however, purchase self-adhesive wood for the frames, then add on the new doors or drawers. If you plan to upgrade the handles and other hardware, that is an added cost.