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Here's How Often You Need To Clean Your TV Screens
Whether it's greasy fingerprints, dust, grime, or spots from a spilled drink, the quality of your television picture could suffer if a dirty screen isn’t taken care of. But before you spray on window cleaner and start scrubbing away at your TV, you should take care and make certain you won't cause more harm than good.
Before doing any cleaning of your television, make sure to check with your unit's manual to ensure that you follow any guidelines that they require. Different TVs like LED, plasma, LCD, or even older tube models may have specific cleaning instructions.
No matter what model of TV you have, cleaning the screen should be done with great care and with the right materials. Whether you are simply dusting your television or wiping it clean to get rid of smudges, Insider recommends that you turn off your system before you begin.
Always use a soft microfiber cloth so as not to scratch the surface, and do not apply too much pressure, as it may knock over your TV or damage any protective coatings. Taking care of your television should be done regularly, as Good Housekeeping suggests that you give your TV screen a cleaning every week.