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Painting your interior walls is expensive and time-consuming, but after several years of wear and tear, they may be discolored or have nicks. The amount of time you can go without repainting varies based on the type of room and the lifestyle you have, but generally, interior walls should be repainted every seven to ten years.
High-traffic areas like hallways, corridors, and stairwells get the most wear and tear, so they should be repainted every few years. In addition, you should repaint bathroom and kitchen walls every three to four years with a protective topcoat, since they endure a lot of heat, moisture, and steam.
Adult bedrooms that don’t see too much wear and tear should be repainted every five to seven years, whereas children’s bedrooms need to be repainted every three to five years. Other rooms that don't experience frequent traffic only need to be repainted every five to seven years and can go up to 10 years if you use high-quality sealant.