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Here's How To Access The Back Of A Recessed TV
A recessed TV makes your screen inconspicuous, but accessing the back of it can be puzzling. Depending on the mounting bracket used, there are different ways to reach it.
With many recessed TVs, the big screen sits on a fixed mount hidden in the wall behind the television. You'll need to lift the set upward to loosen it from the bracket.
Firmly grasp the top and bottom of the TV and pull the bottom forward while supporting its weight. Some brackets may have a lock, so undo it, then lift the TV away from the wall.
Swivel mounts, often sold with the recessed box, offer better access to the TV's back. Simply grasp the edges and pull forward — some have a safety clip you'll need to disconnect.
Swivel arms allow adjusting the screen angle and tilt, which also allows for easier access to the back. This makes them ideal for larger media rooms.