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Here's How To Estimate The Cost Of Laminate Countertops
When estimating the cost of laminate countertops — a budget-friendly alternative to materials like quartz and granite — it's important to consider several key factors.
Per Angi, the average cost of professionally installed laminate countertops in 2023 was $1,239. On the whole, prices ranged from $840 to $1,732.
The cost varies significantly depending on the size of the kitchen. For a kitchen with 20 to 30 square feet of countertop space, the cost ranged from $400 to $2,400.
The range increased from $600 to $3,200 for a 30 to 40 square foot area and $800 to $4,800 for a 40 to 60 square foot space. However, these figures include installation costs.
The price of laminate materials alone averages between $10 to $15 per square foot for regular finishes. Special finishes, like antimicrobial, can slightly increase the cost.
Specifically, antimicrobial laminates typically cost between $15 to $30 per square foot, while high-quality laminates with added durability range from $20 to $55 per square foot.
Laminate countertops will also vary in price based on the location of the project — in a large city, contractors and labor are more likely to be expensive than in a small town.
Homeowners can install laminate countertops on their own to reduce expenses, but it's only advised for those with significant DIY experience to avoid possible issues in the future.