Yellow sunflower field landscape at sunset in rural Norfolk UK. Sunflowers at dawn or dusk. Pretty golden yellow flowers at sunrise.
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Here's How To Find The Best Spot In Your Garden To Plant Sunflowers
Sunflowers require a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight a day in order to bloom, so it’s best to plant them where your garden receives the most sun.
Sunflowers aren’t too fussy about soil as long as they have ample water and sunlight. Pick a spot that gets plenty of afternoon sunlight, as it provides the most consistent energy.
Since the seeds of these flowers are well-loved by birds and other wildlife, consider removing the flower heads once the blooms start to fade so animals can easily reach them.
When planting sunflower seeds, consider how much space they need. They come in a variety of sizes, and most will need at least 18 inches of distance between each seed.
If sunflower seedlings appear in shady spots or in other places where they're not wanted, they can be transplanted to a more suitable location once they are at least 3 inches tall.
To transplant them, dig them up gently, move the seedlings to a sunny place, and water them well at the roots at least once a day for a few days until they're well established.