If you know how to remove wallpaper, it’s a simple and damage-free process. However, it can get messy and you might ruin your wall if you don’t know how to remove it carefully, so this is how to prepare and know what you're getting yourself into.
Before you peel off the wallpaper, move furniture away from the wall so it doesn’t get damaged in the process. Find a seam in the wallpaper and start raising the corner using a scraper or putty knife, then once a big enough portion is peeled, use your hand to patiently and gently peel the rest away, and finally, wash the area with a hot soapy sponge and let it dry.
If you have a stubborn wallpaper border that won’t budge, apply heat with a blow dryer or steamer to weaken the adhesive, or spray a homemade mixture of water and either fabric softener or vinegar. You can also use a sponge or cloth to apply your chosen mixture on the border, let it sit for a couple of hours until the glue softens, and then carefully peel the wallpaper.