A dryer with clothes spilling out
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Here's How To Prevent Your Clothes From Getting Stuck In Your Dryer
Clothes get stuck in the dryer commonly because of a weak, broken, or missing seal, but there’s a way to prevent this problem from happening again.
If this seal is damaged, it cannot prevent clothes from becoming trapped between the dryer's drum and its front or rear wall, depending on its location.
To replace the seal, remove the old one and any adhesive. If the new seal’s fabric has any bends, place it in hot water or the dryer for a few minutes to make it malleable again.
Lay the new seal along the door or drum and slowly apply the new adhesive until the fabric is secure. Wait a couple hours for the glue to dry before using the appliance.
If the seal’s intact, there could be damage to the dryer’s drum glides or support rollers that make your dry spin effectively. You may require the help of an expert for this.