Planting plant cuttings in soil
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Here's How To Propagate Aloe Vera Plants That Don't Have
Any Roots
Aloe vera is easy to maintain and has several medicinal and cosmetic properties, like wound healing and anti-aging, so it’s a popular indoor plant that’s worthwhile cultivating.
As with many other houseplants, aloe vera can be propagated using stem cuttings or leaves, but it can also be grown by removing its babies, or pups, and replanting them.
Sometimes pups have roots, but even if one doesn’t, you can still plant it. Find a pup at the base of the parent plant, pull it out gently but firmly, or cut it away with a knife.
If the pup comes out with roots, leave it to dry for a few days to heal the severed end. Then, plant it directly into a well-draining pot filled with cactus potting soil.
Do the same with a rootless pup, and after a while it’ll grow roots. You can accelerate root growth by dipping the base of the plant in a rooting hormone powder before planting it.