Two old fashioned skeleton keys on a white background. Unlock new doors.
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Here's How To Repurpose Old Keys Around
The House
1. Craft Metal Flowers
To create the stalk, choose your flower length and double that measurement. Cut a piece of sturdy but malleable wire to length and twist it around itself to form the stalk.
Attach the stalk to a small metal disc using welding tools or glue. Select keys and measure them along the disc so you know how many to use, then attach them by the tip or the bow.
For a more flower-like shape, bend the keys slightly, curving toward the direction of the front of your flower. Then, attach the keys to the metal disc by welding or gluing them.
2. Build A Hanging Hook
You can use old keys to make a wall-mounted hanging hook sturdy enough to hold light items like keys, jewelry, and small accessories such as hats, umbrellas,
and scarves.
Use pliers to bend each key into shape, then cut the wood base to size. Mount the key hooks to the plank of wood using screws, then mount the finished
product to the wall.
3. Decorate A Chandelier
You can upgrade a plain chandelier by adorning it with keys. To do this, you'll need metal hobby wire, chandelier chain, jump rings, pliers, and wire cutters.
To hang keys off
of bits of the chandelier, loop the rings through the hole on the key and attach it. To create dangly pieces, attach chandelier chain to the chandelier and key.
4. Make Key Ornaments
To make key ornaments, simply loop a ribbon or string through the handle. You can choose keys with a special meaning or display your vintage flea market finds.
5. Use A Key As A Weight
Old keys can have practical uses as well. They make the perfect lightweight for things such as curtain weights, a weight for curtain cupboard doors, and a tablecloth weight.
Simply sew a key to the back side of each bottom corner of the curtain or tablecloth. If you attach multiple keys, you can create a paperweight or balloon holder.