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Here's How To Use A Pool Noodle For Added Plant Support
Pool noodles are a reliable and cost-effective solution for providing adequate stability and support for taller plants, from towering sunflowers to sagging tomato vines.
They can protect the plants better than the sharp wires that are usually used for tall plants, cushioning the delicate stems and branches of developing foliage.
By cutting a foam noodle into sections, tall garden plants are given a sturdy and customizable support system, thanks to the foam’s light and rigid structure.
To use this hack, measure the height of your plant first and then cut the pool noodle to fit. Then, cut the noodle vertically to wrap around the plant's stem.
Wrap it around the base of the plant and remove any branches that interfere. For more support, thread metal garden stakes through the bottom of the noodle and into the ground.
One of the best advantages of using this technique is its flexibility. Unlike stakes, pool noodles can be bent, twisted, trimmed, and shaped according to a plant's growth pattern.