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Here's The Feng Shui Tip You Shouldn't Ignore For Your Entryway
One of the most important areas in your home is your entryway because you want guests to feel accepted and comfortable. Feng Shui follows the idea of balance and fluidity, focusing on the structure and arrangements of items to gain equilibrium, so to achieve this harmonious environment, here are two things to avoid when choosing a chandelier.
A chandelier with pointy angles that face downward creates negative feelings and can make guests feel unwelcome. It’s best to avoid having a “poison arrow” in your entryway, which is anything that points directly at people as it insinuates a negative point of concentrated energy and creates a threatening, daunting vibe.
If you want to add a chandelier to your entryway, opt for ovals, rounded designs, or squares to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Avoid strangely shaped or triangular items as they can be off-putting and overwhelming, and make sure you get the right sized fixture so it gives your entryway the perfect balance and good feng shui.