Lovely blue heart shaped Hydrangea in bloom after rain.
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Here's What To Know About Fertilizing Hydrangeas
have simple yet
specific growing requirements that need to be met. For a spectacular show in the summer months, make sure to fertilize them correctly.
A 15-10-10 or 10-5-5 ratio is best if you want large and prolific blooms. If you prefer the natural growth of your hydrangea bushes, use a balanced 10-
10-10 fertilizer.
Don’t use quick-release fertilizer on your hydrangeas, as they release too much nitrogen too quickly, which will cause growth in all the wrong areas and produce smaller flowers.
Hydrangea bushes should be fed 2-3 times per year. If you’re looking to grow large, colorful blooms, fertilize in the very early parts of spring and again at the peak of summer.
Hydrangeas planted in rich organic matter may not need a third feeding in the hotter months. Depending on your soil, fertilizing the plants 3 times could lead to overfertilization.
Apply fertilizer to the soil beneath the bushes and thoroughly water them. Find the drip line, a circle around the plant where the rain naturally drips off its branches or stems.
After watering, apply the fertilizer to this line and water again. The second watering will let the fertilizer seep into the soil and spread out evenly to the roots below.