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Here's Where You Can Visit The Cullens' House From Twilight
While “Twilight” takes place in Forks, Washington, the actual Cullen home is located in Portland, Oregon. The home only appeared in the first movie, and for the remaining movies, they switched to several different homes located in Vancouver, B.C.
The gorgeous home featured in "Twilight" is owned by John Hoke, a footwear designer for Nike. Nicknamed the Hoke House, this home is designed in a modern, contemporary style featuring a wood-finished exterior, clean lines, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
The home is tucked away in the woods, surrounded by trees and sitting on a sloped hill, and fans are welcome to drive past it to take a picture. Hoke has explained that he gets visitors from all over the world who stop to take pictures, and he only asks that they are respectful, as he still resides there.