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Here's Where Your Favorite HGTV Stars Shop For Home Decor
Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines often looks for old items to repurpose at yard sales. She says that she looks for "anything that came out of an old house [...] that's kind of its own story."
If you want to decorate your home like Gaines, stop and shop at a neighborhood yard sale. Gaines likes to purchase vintage books, old light fixtures, and unique storage solutions.
Sabrina Soto
To find objects that work in her clients' spaces as well as their budgets, Sabrina Soto hits local thrift stores and looks for furniture, artwork, and dishes.
When it comes to thrifting, Soto also encourages shoppers to look for hidden potential. For example, you can elevate a not-so-stunning lamp with a fabulous shade.
Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson often shops at vintage and antique stores. Vintage items tend to be more interesting than brand-new ones and give your space more character.
Emily also likes vintage items because, as she told Rejuvenation, "the most sustainable thing you can do is not buy more new things."
Jenn Todryck
Jenn Todryck often shops on Amazon for some greenery. Like many of us, she likes to simplify her shopping experience, which is why Amazon is her go-to, even for plants.
The designer told that she likes to "place them [plants] wherever you want, where the lighting is. I love a flowing plant for a coffee table or a mantel."
Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus loves to travel, so it's not surprising that his favorite places to shop are flea markets, where he looks for unique local items like pottery and crafts.
One of Berkus’ favorite flea markets is Vanves in Paris, which has a collection of vintage collectibles. He also says that Madrid has many unique markets.