Riverstone worktop in kitchen with Titan pendant lamps from the Conran Shop and Woodward Weaver bar stools from DC Place.
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Here's Why HGTV's Leanne Ford Says You Don't Need A Kitchen Island
HGTV personality and interior designer Leanne Ford has been offering her clients the option of leaving the ubiquitous island out of kitchen renovations.
Instead, Ford recommends replacing a standard island with an even more versatile vintage dining table, adding a “down-to-earth” feel to an elegant kitchen.
Ford says, "The separation of the kitchen and dining room's becoming obsolete. [...] The kitchen's becoming a very livable space where people hang out, beyond just cooking."
An island is still a good kitchen feature but you have the potential to add more seating for casual dining, games, crafts, and homework when subbing a table
for an island.
While Ford found her design client agreeing on a rustic table choice, antique and vintage might not be your personal preference.
If your taste leans to the contemporary side of decorating, something newer can work too. The key to making a table work in the kitchen is keeping it casual and livable.