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Here's Why You Should Be Using Dryer Sheets On Your Window Blinds
Window blinds easily attract dirt and dust particles, but if you are diligent about cleaning them once a month, you can slow the grime from building up. All you need is a microfiber cloth or a sock and some dryer sheets to reduce your blind’s static electricity.
First, use your microfiber cloth or sock to wipe from one end of your blind to the other, and then repeat for each one — don’t forget to dust around the blind chords. The electrostatic charge of the microfiber cloth will pull the dust off your blinds and keep it on the fabric instead of just spreading it back and forth on your blinds.
After each blind has been cleaned with a microfiber cloth or sock, use a dryer sheet to clean your blinds in the same way. The dryer sheets will leave a positive electrical charge on the blinds, which will repel particles from settling on them and help eliminate the constant need to clean them.