Ripe lemons growing on tree
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Here's Why Your Lemon Tree Leaves Are Turning Yellow
If a lemon tree's leaves are yellowing but you can't figure out the reason behind it, start by assessing the conditions of the tree's soil and the micronutrients it may be lacking.
Iron chlorosis occurs when the leaves turn yellow due to a lack of iron in the soil, but not all chlorosis is caused by iron deficiency, so watch out for a few telltale signs.
If your soil is more alkaline in pH, iron deficiency is the likely culprit. Plus, if the small veins along the yellowing leaves remain dark green, a lack of iron is to blame.
Flooded roots, poor drainage, and heavy metals like copper in the soil can lead to iron deficiency. Over time, the leaves will drop from the tree and the branches will die back.
If you're still not certain that iron is the main culprit, test soil pH and look for root damage caused by excess water to further illumintate if iron levels are indeed the issue.