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HGTV Explains What A Catfished Home Actually Is
A catfish home, such as one on HGTV's "Why The Heck Did I Buy This House," looks updated on the facade but has detrimental issues that have been intentionally covered up.
On the HGTV show, designer and host Kim Wolfe renovated a home that looked as if it had upgraded electrical systems, but behind the walls, the electrical systems were outdated.
"Now this is officially a catfish house," Wolfe said in a clip of the episode posted to Instagram. "This was intentionally deceptive. Somebody did this
on purpose."
Rewiring the electrical system can cost between $4,000 and $8,000, a huge unexpected cost for a new homebuyer — and electrical issues aren't the only potential problems.
Previous pest issues, aging mechanical systems, being located in a flood zone, drainage issues, and even paranormal problems can be hidden by sellers with some cosmetic work.
To avoid getting catfished, see the home in person and ask the selling agent pointed questions about the property's history. Also, make the sale contingent upon a home inspection.