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HGTV's Christina Hall Can't Stand This Outdated Decor Trend
Tuscan décor takes inspiration from the traditional homes and landscapes of the Tuscany region in Italy, but HGTV’s Christina Hall said she’d be happy to leave it behind.
"I'm not super into that, all the browns, the heavy rugs, and all those things," Hall said of the style that uses natural materials like stone, wood, wrought iron, and earth tones.
Originally created to combat the warm climate of Tuscany, this design is popular in Florida and California but may feel out of place in colder climates.
Drawbacks to the Tuscan aesthetic are the limited color choices that may not suit your preferences, and it can be difficult to merge with other styles.
Additionally, Tuscan-style homes require high-quality, natural materials, so replacement materials are more expensive than contemporary styles, especially if they're authentic.