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HGTV's Christina Hall Has One Genius Floor Renovation Tip
In a TikTok video, HGTV's Christina Hall shared that viewing flooring samples in your home before making a final decision is more likely to result in finding the right match.
Once you have the floor samples, lay them all out, test them with the lighting in your home, and check them at different times of the day to see how they change.
Perform the tests on the flooring samples in all parts of the house where you'll be installing the new flooring, and check them in both natural and artificial light.
To test the durability of the flooring samples, scratch them with sharp objects to see how marks form, and expose them to various liquids and substances like oils and drinks.
Spill on them a few times, cleaning them quickly, and then more slowly the next time to see how the materials react. Use normal cleaning products to see how well they work on them.
If you are trying to decide between solid wood, laminate, and engineered wood, the results of these tests will really assist your decision-making process.