Tiled wall.
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HGTV's Emily Henderson Suggests Tiling This Unexpected Home Feature
Many homeowners have tiled shower floors and walls, but to make a bold statement, interior designer Emily Henderson likes the idea of carrying the tile up to the ceiling as well.
“By arching ceiling, tiling over it, and bringing the mirror up to the arch — it creates this incredible sense of space,” Henderson wrote on her website Style By Emily Henderson.
However, the process can be expensive. “I proposed tiling our ceiling in our bathroom and they quoted an additional $5k in just tile labor to do it,” the HGTV star revealed.
Tiling works better on a sloped ceiling than a flat one, as this allows for moisture to run down the walls. Additionally, you may have to redo the ceiling to prepare it for tiling.
For your ceiling, choose a tile that’s waterproof and durable yet also lightweight for installation. Ceramic and porcelain are the most durable while still being cost-effective.
It is also important to consider the size of the tiles during the selection process. Larger tiles can help make a space appear bigger, while smaller tiles create a busier pattern.