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HGTV's Hilary Farr Explains Priceless Bathroom Design Tips
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Multiple Faucets
Hilary Farr recommends designing the bathroom around the number of users and suggests that families with kids include multiple faucets with plenty of sink space.
Reglazed Tiles
Instead of replacing old, yellowing tiles, reglazing them is a great way to refresh your bathroom on a budget. Simply cover the existing tiles with epoxy or resin.
Farr often uses bold wallpaper to showcase personality while still being practical. Select a humidity-resistant paper, and install it in areas away from running water.
Wall-Hung Sinks
To create an illusion of space without losing storage, Farr uses hanging sinks. Choose a vanity color that contrasts with your flooring to play up the visual effect.
Dual Showers
Save time getting ready by installing two fixtures in your walk-in shower. Each can be used simultaneously, and you can add personal toiletry niches and vanity units.