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HGTV's Jasmine Roth Says Never To Cover Up This Vital Home Feature
Moving around your furniture will help you change your scenery to keep things fresh and fun. However, there are a few things Jasmine Roth from HGTV's "Help! I Wrecked My House" says not to do when rearranging furniture, and the good news is these mistakes are very easily avoidable.
The number one thing you should not block is natural lighting as it helps keep seasonal depression at bay, increases Vitamin D absorption, and improves sleep. If you just purchased a big flat-screen TV for your living room, Roth says it shouldn't block the window, no matter the circumstances.
Even if that seems to be the only place to put the TV, Roth suggests it's a mistake because natural lighting brings so much warmth into your home. If you're worried you can't see the TV from your couch, try rearranging your furniture or even buying a curved sofa to improve the overall view of the TV while still keeping the window clear.