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HGTV's Leanne Ford Can't Get Enough Of This Bold Flooring Type
The right flooring style can add harmony to your home’s interior design. Leanne Ford, host of HGTV’s “Restored by the Fords,” has a bold choice: white-washed wooden flooring.
Ford states in her blog how she bought unfinished red oak flooring, which she white-washed herself using Bona NordicSeal, explaining that she was “ready to experiment.”
This choice worked for Ford, who has a taste for all things white on white, but white-washed flooring isn’t an easy DIY task and the style isn’t versatile enough for every home.
White-washed wood flooring can lighten up your home, giving it a modern coastal or Scandinavian look, but it clashes with popular styles like maximalism and contemporary glam.
One way to incorporate the style is to purchase solid or engineered bleached oak floors. If your home already has oak floors, research how to achieve this look without damage.
Oak that has been white-washed retains its warm red undertones, and its natural graining makes it feel welcoming. It pairs well with a shabby-chic or modern-rustic aesthetic.
Keep in mind the cleaning and maintenance challenges of this flooring. Hardwood is porous, and a coffee or wine spill can leave an unsightly stain and ruin your hard work.
Ford’s home has white floors, but she uses options like concrete. Concrete and vinyl plank are stylish options that are easy to clean in high-traffic areas like the kitchen.