White popcorn ceiling
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HGTV's Vacuum Hack Is Perfect For Removing Popcorn Ceilings
Popcorn ceilings disguise imperfections and act as a sound barrier, but they also harbor dust and scare off buyers. Luckily, HGTV has a trick to smooth out the spiky surface.
A wet/dry vacuum, drywall knife, tape, file, sander, primer, and paint are all you’ll need for the job. If your ceiling material contains asbestos, though, seek professional help.
To start, file the corners of the drywall knife — creating round edges to prevent gashes in the ceiling — tape it to the mouth of the vacuum, and mist the ceiling with warm water.
Run the drywall knife vacuum combo across your ceiling at a slow and steady pace. Once every lumpy speck peels off and falls into the vacuum, smooth the area using the sander.
You can then prime and paint the ceiling for your new design. With wallpaper, tiles, panels, beams, or anything that creates a trendy look, you won't miss your old ceiling at all.