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Hidden Downsides To Video Doorbells
Video doorbells are smart devices that allow you to see and communicate with people at your front door from anywhere, but they come at a cost. While the peace of mind it provides can make a video doorbell worth it, there are a few downsides to consider before making your purchase.
The most popular video doorbells cost over $200 just for the hardware, and then buyers still need to pay a subscription fee to use all its features, including video recording, video sharing, and monitoring services. They also require Wi-Fi to work, meaning it can slow down your network if you have lots of other devices connected.
Despite sensitivity controls, video doorbells can send false alarms when people or cars pass by. Since they use Wi-Fi, hackers can also take control of a video doorbell in order to see through its camera, which can be especially troublesome as many of these devices have smart-lock systems that allow users to unlock their homes.